Effective and efficient translation services are at a premium in the fast-paced world of corporate law and commercial litigation. Short lines of communication, fast response times and familiarity with subject matter are vital for your firm. Speed, accuracy and flexibility are prerequisites.



Years of working directly with litigation and dispute resolution teams have given me invaluable experience of domestic and cross-border disputes across a range of sectors. I provide continuing linguistic support in high-value litigation and arbitration proceedings, many of which are multi-jurisdictional and highly complex.



In a world of platforms and intermediaries, lean communication is a boon – especially where time is critical. No intermediary, no obstacle, no bottleneck. Just pick up the phone or send an e-mail for an immediate response and practical advice. From a qualified specialist.


The law is a profession of words – David Melinkoff

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I am Christina Guy, a Chartered Linguist and qualified Dutch to English legal translator living near The Hague in the Netherlands. A native English speaker with a wealth of experience, I translate legal texts from Dutch into crisp and clear UK English. I am also a court-certified translator (beëdigd vertaler) and a qualified member of several professional associations.

Years of translating and interpreting for top-flight law firms in the Netherlands have given me an insight into the dynamics of litigation teams, the challenges they face and the response and support they need from me. In addition to the ability to deliver accurate, well-written translations, they want:

  • expertise across specialist areas
  • short lines of communication
  • ability to gear up quickly
  • no-fuss, can-do attitude
  • ability to handle tight deadlines
  • a nimble and creative approach
  • organisational skills
  • confidentiality
  • top end equipment and the right technology

Not always in that order. But always a trusted, safe pair of hands.

It’s a myth that clarity and accuracy are often at loggerheads in legal writing. Striving for clarity usually improves accuracy – Prof Joe Kimble


A smooth and effective translation process can only reflect well on your firm. Firms that regularly outsource high-end legal texts for translation often benefit from practical advice on working with their legal translator. I have given presentations to several renowned law firms in Amsterdam and London and been invited to speak at a number of international conferences on this subject.


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Modern lawyers recognise the benefits of plain language as an important element of good legal writing. I offer my clients translations from Dutch into plain English, even where the original is drafted in more ‘traditional’ legalese. The most entangled sentence structures and sometimes archaic vocabulary can be rendered into an uncluttered, easy-to-read text. Without losing the meaning.


Words are like leaves; and where they most abound, Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found – Alexander Pope


“Christina has provided us with high quality Dutch to English legal translations for many years now. Particularly in high profile litigation matters for English clients, in which we regularly act alongside of English co-counsel, Christina’s English translations are very well received. Christina adds value for us not only because she is a native English speaker, but also because she understands the Dutch legal concepts and context referred to in our submissions and accurately translates these to English. As Christina is extremely responsive to our requests and has the capacity to deliver within a very short timeframe, Christina is a preferred supplier for Dutch to English legal translations.”

Michel Deckers – partner Dentons Europe LLP, Amsterdam branch
Anouk Rosielle – partner Dentons Europe LLP, Amsterdam branch
Jordi van Borssum Waalkes – senior associate Dentons Europe LLP, Amsterdam branch

“Christina translated my dissertation on pre-insolvency proceedings. The translation was published by Oxford University Press and cleared their editorial hurdles effortlessly. Christina also regularly translates legal work for our firm. She combines state-of-the-art technology with craftmanship, a combination that enables her to deliver speedily, efficiently and with the highest level of quality. The fact that she is a native English speaker and specializes in legal texts clearly gives her an edge in that field for Dutch –> English translations. If you want a legal translation to read as an original English text, Christina is the go-to person.”

Nico Tollenaar, Partner – RESOR NV, Amsterdam

“I was delighted with Christina Guy’s translation of my dissertation on legal opinions. Not only is her work always on time and of excellent quality but she also understands nuance and is able to signal potential problems. The final product is an eminently readable, smooth-flowing text.

Christina provided constructive input throughout, without imposing her views. Although it was a new departure for me, I can definitely see the benefits of including the translator early in the legal drafting process. I enjoyed working with Christina and would heartily recommend her for translating high-end legal texts from Dutch to English.”

Jan Marten van Dijk, former partner at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, AMSTERDAM

“We have found Christina’s work to be consistently of a very high standard. She has always delivered the work product in a timely way and met every deadline. Christina has translated a range of documents for us, from newspaper articles to court documents.

We estimate that to date, Christina has translated over 300,000 words for us. As the case we are involved in is ongoing we shall continue to request Christina’s services as a translator. Given that the suit is for a quantum in the tens of millions of dollars this reflects a high level of trust. We recommend Christina without hesitation or reservation and have also recommended her services to other law firms.”

Peter R Elliott, Exemplar Group


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