A smooth and effective translation process can only reflect well on your firm.

Firms that regularly outsource high-end legal texts for translation often benefit from practical advice on modernising and streamlining their translation processes and collaborating with their legal translator. I have given presentations to several renowned law firms in Amsterdam and London and been invited to speak at a number of international conferences on this subject.

Of course, busy international lawyers don’t want (or need) to know the nuts and bolts of the translation process. But with law firms coming under pressure to cut costs without sacrificing quality, a bespoke process that avoids expensive time-wasting and duplication is the logical next step. 

Speed, accuracy and efficiency also depend to some extent on the quality and accuracy of the source text. My experience helps me to help you avoid pitfalls in drafting for translation or in your own drafting in English.

“Prep to Avoid Panic”

How often do we work to the wire before filing? I encourage law firms to integrate the translator into the drafting process.

In my presentations I demonstrate how technology, knowledge and common sense are brought together in a parallel drafting process to create a seamless workflow for all types of legal texts, be it tight-deadline litigation work or a published dissertation.

This method, which I first presented publicly at the 2016 CRILL ‘Law, Language and Communication’ conference in Caserta, was also cited by Dr Juliette R Scott in ‘Legal Translation: Current Issues and Challenges in Research, Methods and Applications’ (2019).

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