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As a court-sworn translator (beëdigd vertaler), I am able to provide certified translations of official documents.
A certified translation by a court-sworn translator indicates to the recipient that the work is complete and accurate. Sworn translators in the Netherlands are registered with the Bureau Wbtv (Bureau for Sworn Interpreters and Translators); they have taken an oath before a Dutch court and meet statutory standards for education, skills, ongoing professional development and conduct.

When do you need a certified translation?

Translations of some personal, commercial or legal documents require certification for acceptance by a court or international body. That might range from birth certificates and wills to company documents such as articles of association or documents from a court or civil-law notary.

Sworn translator in Voorburg

I am located in Voorburg and am registered as a court-sworn translator for Dutch to English translation with the Court of The Hague.

Contact me here for a quotation.

A clear copy of the document should be submitted with your request. Please allow time for posting: a certified translation is produced on paper and accompanied by an officially signed and stamped statement.