In the fast-paced world of corporate law and commercial litigation, effective and efficient translation services are at a premium. Short lines of communication, fast response times and familiarity with subject matter are vital for your firm. Speed, accuracy and flexibility are prerequisites.

I provide language services to international law firms and litigation teams whose needs range from ongoing support in high-value commercial cases spanning several years to the translation of a single yet complex legal text. These are discerning lawyers with an excellent command of English who demand and appreciate a high-value service including:

  • fast and accurate translations by a known qualified legal translator
  • creation of client- and case-specific glossaries and corpora, including cited legislation and judgments
  • familiarity with subject matter in specialist areas
  • personal service, direct communication
  • practical advice
  • a reliable and trusted partner for their team.

Terminology coordination

Coordinating terminology at the start of a process is worthwhile in lengthy cases that involve several law firms in different countries. A glossary of terms agreed and distributed to all parties at the outset will prevent potential confusion and avoid the need for correction further down the road. I am also happy to provide bilingual formats to facilitate communication between Dutch law firms and their English-speaking colleagues and clients.

Statue of owl in front of stack of legal dictionaries and text books for corporate law and commercial litigation