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PLAY: King Henry VIII
SPEAKER: Cardinal Wolsey
First, it was usual with him, every day
It would infect his speech, that if the king
Should without issue die, he’ll carry it so
To make the sceptre his: these very words
I’ve heard him utter to his son-in-law,
Lord Abergavenny; to whom by oath he menaced
Revenge upon the cardinal.
Please your highness, note
This dangerous conception in this point.
Not friended by his wish, to your high person
His will is most malignant; and it stretches
Beyond you, to your friends.

Gelieve uw hoogheid al ‘t gevaar te erkennen,
Dat die gezindheid brengen kan.

Carry=Carry out, arrange
Conception=Plan, idea
To carry=Draagen, voeren, brengen; aanstellen
To carry it=De overhand behouden, iets doorhaalen, overhaalen

Topics: advantage/benefit, revenge, risk

PLAY: King Henry VIII
SPEAKER: Buckingham
Pray, give me favour, sir. This cunning cardinal
The articles o’ the combination drew
As himself pleased; and they were ratified
As he cried ‘Thus let be’: to as much end
As give a crutch to the dead: but our count-cardinal
Has done this, and ’tis well; for worthy Wolsey,
Who cannot err, he did it. Now this follows,—
Which, as I take it, is a kind of puppy
To the old dam, treason,—Charles the emperor,
Under pretence to see the queen his aunt—
For ’twas indeed his colour, but he came
To whisper Wolsey,—here makes visitation:
His fears were, that the interview betwixt
England and France might, through their amity,
Breed him some prejudice; for from this league
Peep’d harms that menaced him: he privily
Deals with our cardinal; and, as I trow,—
Which I do well; for I am sure the emperor
Paid ere he promised; whereby his suit was granted
Ere it was ask’d; but when the way was made,
And paved with gold, the emperor thus desired,
That he would please to alter the king’s course,
And break the foresaid peace. Let the king know,
As soon he shall by me, that thus the cardinal
Does buy and sell his honour as he pleases,
And for his own advantage.

Vergun mij, heer. Die sluwe kardinaal
Heeft al de artikels van ‘t verdrag ontworpen
Naar zijn believen.

Combination=League, alliance
Colour=Story, excuse
Privily=In private
I trow=I think, believe
Breed=Create, produce
Suit=Request, petition
Paved with gold=Path cleared by bribery
Combination=’t Zamenspanning
Dam=Een dam; de moer van sommige beesten
Colour=Koleur, schyn, dekmantel.
Under colour of=Onder den schyn van.
Privily=Heymelyk, in ‘t geheym
I trow=Ik denk, ik acht
Breed=Teelen, werpen; voortbrengen; veroorzaaken; opvoeden
Suit=Een verzoek, rectsgeding

Topics: value, betrayal, deceit, advantage/benefit

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