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Shakespeare quotes page

PLAY: Hamlet ACT/SCENE: 3.2 SPEAKER: Hamlet CONTEXT: Ay, sir, but “While the grass grows—” The proverb is something musty—O, the recorders! Let me see one. DUTCH: Ja, mijnheer, maar van de lip tot den beker …. het spreekwoord is wat schimmelig. /
Ja, menheer, maar: ‘Eer ‘t gras gewassen is’, – ‘t spreekwoord is eenigszins duf.
MORE: Musty=stale
Reference to the proverb, “While the grass grows, the horse starves”.
(Dreams and expectations may be realised too late if you sit and wait for too long.)
Musty=Muf, muffig
Musty (out of humour)=Gemelyk, knorrig Topics: proverbs and idioms, plans/intentions, disappointment
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