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Shakespeare quotes page

PLAY: Hamlet ACT/SCENE: 1.2 SPEAKER: Hamlet CONTEXT: All is not well.
I doubt some foul play. Would the night were come!
Till then sit still, my soul. Foul deeds will rise,
Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.
DUTCH: Iets is mis;
‘k Vermoed iets laags. ‘k Verlang al naar den nacht.
MORE: Doubt=suspect
Foul deeds will rise=offences will be discovered
Said to be the first use of foul play

A foul copy (a copy full of insertions under erasements)=Een lordige kopy
A foul action=Een slechte daad
To play foul play=Valsch speelen, bedriegelyk speelen
Foul dealing or practices=Kwaade praktyken
Foul means=Kwaade middelen
Never seek that by foul means which thou canst get by fair=Zoekt nooit langs kwaade wegen dat gy langs de goede niet kunt verkrygen Topics: suspicion, still in use, invented or popularised, foul play, conspiracy

PLAY: The Tempest
SPEAKER: Miranda
Thy mother was a piece of virtue, and
She said thou wast my daughter; and thy father
Was Duke of Milan, and his only heir
And princess, no worse issued.
O, the heavens!
What foul play had we that we came from thence?
Or blessed wast we did?
Both, both, my girl.
By foul play, as thou sayst, were we heaved thence,
But blessedly holp hither.

0, hemel!
Wat booze treken dreven ons van daar?
Of brachten zij ons zegen?

Piece of virtue=Masterpiece, perfect specimen or
Worse issue=Lower (no worse issued = not of lesser birth than a pricess)
Holp=Short for holpen, helped
Holp op=Opgeholpen
Ill holp op=In een slegte staat laaten
Issue=Afkomst, afkomeling

Topics: virtue, understanding, status, foul play, fate/destiny

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