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Benefits of collaboration

Many lawyers and notaries are unfamiliar with translation techniques and technology. But they can benefit from a closer understanding of the translation process and closer collaboration with their legal translator.

Integrating translation into legal drafting is not yet commonplace but is an easy and efficient way of streamlining the process, particularly where speed and accuracy are at a premium. The result is a seamless workflow on large documents for litigation that are produced within a tight deadline.

Clients can ask for a short demonstration of basic translation technology and suggested processes to show the advantages of this methodology. It is an idea that is gaining traction – not surprisingly, as it helps with consistency and workflow and avoids costly and time-wasting duplication.


Coordinating terminology at the start of a process is also extremely useful for lengthy cases where several law firms in different countries are involved. In my experience, a glossary of terms agreed at the outset which can be distributed to all parties concerned will avoid the need for unnecessary correction and coordination further down the road.

I am also happy to provide bilingual formats to facilitate communication between law firms and their English-speaking clients.

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